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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 21, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> moments away from number six teen. bill: does it stop at 16? who are we waiting on in then there is 32. martha: bill hemmer to get in and others. bye, everybody. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. ohio governor john kasich set to make his entrance this hour into the very crowded 2016 gop field. he brings with him his brand of compassionate conservatism and blunt talk as well. welcome to "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> better party with more people. i'm jenna lee. john kasich is the two-term governor of a key swing state. live pictures from the campus of ohio state university where kasich supporters are waiting for their man to take the stage. governor kasich has very interesting and varied resume'. former wall street executive and fox news host as well. he is a nine-term congressman.
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he is former house budget committee chairman who claims balancing the federal budget under his watch. governor kasich will become the 16th republican candidate to interthe 2016 presidential race. let's go to our chief political correspondent carl cameron live in ohio with the latest. carl? >> reporter: jenna, this is john kasich's alma mater. he has packed the place. they had 4,000 rscps in a fail the is that the fire marshall says can only handle 2500. there is huge spillover audience. he is tied for 10th in the polls. whether he qualifies for the debates is very much open question. kasich has been out on the campaign trail unofficially for the last year, hitting early states going around the country talking to big donors and organizers. he has a extensive team with veterans of john mccain's team in 2008 and mitt romney's campaign if 2012. people that have been with
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kasich a long, long time. 18 years in congress and balancing budget as chairman of the budget committee that has not been repeated in 75 years. it is something he uniquely can claim. he has a hill to climb catching up with a field that in many cases is sparring with one another over last few months. this happens with donald trump dominating the news. mr. trump today is in south carolina. his first trip to the first in the south primary state. he had to postpone it because of the church shootings several weeks ago. trump is dominating the news with his attacks and attempts to straighten things out with john mccain on the o'reilly show. i respect john mccain but went on and trashed him for his immigration views and not doing enough for veterans. in the case of mr. trump today, two things happening this two key states. iowa, home of the first caucuses "the des moines register" put out a editorial essentially saying he is a sideshow and donald trump should jump out. race. very tough stuff for "the des
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moines register," state's largest newspaper and harshly critical of donald trump. mr. trump criticized paper saying their circulation is lousy calling them a not very good newspaper. today in new hampshire the union leader, first-in-the-nation states top and only statewide newspaper has put out a mocking editorial about mr. trump in which they say, and i'm quoting here from the union leader if anyone in america knows heroism it is donald trump, veteran of the ivy league studio 54, and countless harrowing entanglements with legions of gorgeous blondes. john mccain, if he only had trumps example to follow early in life. early in life john mccain was a p.o.w. and the spat between them continues to range on. in many ways threatens to overshadow john kasich's announcement today, 16th candidate for 2016 to get in thes race. jon, jenna lee. heather: we expect him 30
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minutes from now. jon: we'll have the announcement when he makes it. for more, let's bring in bret baier, the anchor of "special report." bret, carl just mentioned he has a big hill to climb. where does he start? what is job one for john kasich? >> job one is to get on the debate stage in cleveland, his home state, august 6, our first debate hosting alongside facebook of the top 10 candidates get in. judging by the latest "fox news poll" he is at about 2%. he is tied for 10th. we've seen candidates after launches see a bit of a bump in the polls. and we'll see if that happens with john kasich. his super pac, the super pac that is supporting him has drop ad seven figure ad that is biographical ad, talks about his life and resume' as you just heard from carl. talks about being the son of a postman. i think you will hear a lot about that in this event today.
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jon: let's take a look at the "fox news poll" you just mentioned. it shows the surging donald trump up at the top with 18%. scott walker right behind him having enjoyed a bump over his recent announcement at 15% bush, cruz, rubio carson huckabee. john kasich today is tied with rick santorum, as you mentioned, tied for 10th. the expectation is, most of these candidates have gotten some kind after bump from the announcement and attendant publicity. that is what they're hoping for in the kasich camp. >> they are. he made a number of trips to new hampshire and i talked to people who know politics in new hampshire say he draws a big crowd and holds their attention and does the whole q&a thing as well as anybody. chris christie is another one who has done some big town halls there. jeb bush fended off a number of
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questions there and done well. the town hall format obviously in new hampshire and being in people's living rooms is really what works eye-to-eye with voters. kasich has already done that he is doing more of it. the other thing he did john at the beginning to travel around the country to sell a balanced budget, to states not necessarily in the first states in the voting cycle, south carolina nevada, new hampshire and iowa. but other states to get them to sign on to balanced budget amendment to the constitution. i think he will push that hard during his campaign. jon: what about money? that is always the key needs for these presidential candidates. obviously it i can takes millions of dollars to mount and maintain a presidential campaign. >> that is great question. cash on hand is one thing. the other thing is a super pac. he needs a few donors with big ticket donors that can drop millions of dollars.
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i think he may have have that. we'll see grassroots. he is will be competitive in the early states to hold on to try to make a splash. his big new is new hampshire. i don't know if he will play big in iowa. but new hampshire is a place he rally needs to make a mark. jon: it is an incredible field he is joining. four sitting governors. he one of them. four sitting senators. at least four former governors and one former senator in this race. what does he do to distinguish himself? >> well, he talks about his record his resume'. he is obviously a governor not only of a state but a swing state in ohio that is crucial for republicans to win, to win the general election against democrats. he will talk about his approval. he will no doubt today, is a say that he won his last election
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winning 86 of 88 counties in ohio. his democratic opponent was really on the downhill as he got to election day and had his own problems but still an impressive win for kasich. two-term governor of ohio. 18 years house budget committee chairman. also on the house armed services committee. he has traveled with the world and dealt with defense issues as well. he will be heavy on the resume' on the pitch. jon: we expect the announcement in less than 30 minutes. hope to talk to you afterwards when he finished. bret baier, thank you. >> see ya. jon: do not miss tonight, sean hannity's one hour cable exclusive interview with governor kasich that sit-down airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. heather: another big story a tribute to the victims of the chattanooga shooting rampage as we go live to capitol hill as house speaker john boehner ordered owl the flags there to be flown at half-staff in honor
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of the four marines and one sailor killed. mr. boehner wanted to honor the five servicemembers for their courageous service. the question lingers whether the white house will do the same. we expect to hear from the president on this issue ten minutes or some this comes as new information from about the accused gunman and fox news exclusive from one of the shooting scenes. john roberts is live with more. john? >> reporter: jenna, good morning. let's head to the flag issue. i talk with chattanooga mayor andy beaker, what he white house should do. he deferred to the white house and do with their protocols. a lot of complaints in chattanooga from lack of leadership from the white house. wondering why the flag was lowered because of other tragedy, they haven't lowered because of five servicemembers slain here. the first we her on sunday morning a self-styled street preacher gave a service and went off on the president.
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listen. >> why is the flag not on half-staff right now? why is the white house lit up, red, white and blue? >> reporter: obviously a lot of emotion here particularly because across chattanooga and tennessee, flags are at half-staff. president will be speaking 15 20 minutes at vfw event in philadelphia. we'll see what he says by the way. inside recruiting center behind me. pictures obtained exclusively by fox news channel. number of bullets came in through the front door. ripped into furniture, televisions desks and sprayed along a wall where a marine was sitting moments before. obviously shooter training they hit the deck and try to run to safety. we're learning new facts about what happen at the reserve center. law enforcement sources tell me they found a handgun which does
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not belong to the shooter or any of the police officers. they believe it was used by a marine. it was his or her own personal weapon. they picked it out of a bag whatever they were carrying it in and started using that as defense against the shooter. big issue whether or not recruiters and people at these bases should be armed. general mark millly the incoming army chief of staff was asked at his confirmation hearing a short time ago. here what he said. >> as far as arming recruit is go, i think that's complicated legally and there are issues involved we'll have to come to grips with that and certainly -- >> legal part -- >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell me they found evidence on muhammad abdulazeez computer he watched one individual profrom anwar al-awlaki who called for attacks against america before he was killed in a drone strike in 2011. family told me that fbi found writings among abdulazeez
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possessions anti-american in nature. one of those did mings awlaki by name. fbi still has not connected the dots. here was a man who was severely depressed. he may have been bipolar. his life was falling apart. faces a court date for dui who somehow went on murderous rampage. the families need no rational sayings because he attacked the military he is a terrorist through and through. heather: john, thank you very much. jon: an earthquake rocks jenna lee's home country the san francisco bay area. the magnitude 4.1 tremor hitting early this morning near fremont followed by two smaller quakes. no reports of injuries or damage but the tremors come a year after deadly 6.0 quake hit the region. that was the largest to the hit the northern california area in a quarter of a century. the four four quake killed one woman and caused $400 million in
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property damage in napa. >> 4.1 will wake you up. just a reminder out there. jon: get your attention. >> new effort to solve the mystery of "baby doe." how authorities trying to identify a young girl. story we broke on the drug enforcement agency and charges the dea discriminated against a military reservist. what one powerful lawmaker is doing on that. countdown is on to another republican candidate entering the 2016 presidential race. ohio governor john kasich will make the announcement moments from now. we'll bring you his remarks live. we want to hear from you, would you consider voting for john kasich as president? what do you think of his addition to the already crowded field? our chat is up and running on join the conversation.
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why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. jon: right now some crime stories we're following. authorities launching a billboard campaign hoping to identify the young girl whose body was found in a trash bag along boston harbor of the
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billboard features a computer-generated image of the missing girl now known as "baby doe." it reads, did you know me? police say the suspect of killings of five people whose bodies were all found in a northern california home this weekend is also responsible for the death of a toddler. the two-year-old died of blunt force trauma to the head last october. a former lottery security official in iowa is found guilty of rigging a computerized hot lotto game so he could win the $14 million jackpot. prosecutors say he put a stealth program in the computer that randomly picked the numbers. jenna: new information on a story fox news first broke last week as senate judiciary chairman now demanding answers from the drug enforcement sy about reports of discrimination against military reservists. an accusation that the agency used dea blackberry to spy on its own employees. william la jeunesse on the story.
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he broke it live from los angeles. why would the dea eavesdrop on its own employee? >> reporter: bizarre, right? allege ledly they wanted to find out all the agents in the lawsuit and their strategy. jenna, this is big story. the vfw where the president is about to speak is calling for an investigation into the dea who allegedly harassing and spying on one of the six teen reserve its who claim the agency denied them a promotion because others had to work harder when the reservists went to war overseas. now derek and his wife lisa were called to attend a meeting at de-a had quarters in washington. while upstairs, they claim agents concealed the blackberry under the hood of their car in order to track and eavesdrop on conversations with their attorney and other plaintiffs. >> blinking light through the windshield, very faint blinking light. i put my hand in. i realized there was something
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stuck in there, something placed and shoved in there. so, i went back, opened up the hood and, i saw that there was a blackberry concealed within the hood. >> mr. kitlinski opened up the telephone as you can see here. if i remove the battery, i have a marking that says dea, 86745. >> reporter: now the dea refused to explain to us how that blackberry ended up in the car but now they have no choice because senator charles grassley wrote this letter the day our story aired, demanding, one, that the inspector general investigate this incident. two, that they want some explanation from the dea what legal authority did it have to spy on one of it is own employees. finally did the agency lie, sneak on to a coast guard base and harass kit lynn ski without his attorney present. vfw which protects vets and
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service says the dea is out of line. >> based on allegations that were presented to me, i have never seen a more egregious set of facts that are presented in this case. >> reporter: now let's go back to a live shot of the vfw hall or rather where the president will be speaking to the vfw. they want congress to investigate to hold a hearing to find out how this happened, are they spying on their own employees and especially these reservists, jenna they're protected. when they go serve the country overseas an employer, including the federal government is not supposed to take away their job or punish them because they're out for nine months even though other people have to pick up the slack. that is the way the law is written. that is why the vfw wants answers. back to you. jenna: sounds like a lot of folks want answers on this one. william, we'll see what we find out. thank you very much. quite a story.
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jon: you're normally excited about a first date right? this one takes a violent and twisted turn after a woman kills and shoot as man she met online. why authorities are not charging her. plus defense secretary ash carter meets with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. how he is trying to calm israel's concerns over the iran's nuclear deal. we are just minutes away from major announcement from ohio governor john kasich. he is expected to become the 16th candidate in the very crowded 2016 republican race for the white house. >> politicians in the house and senate talk about what they want.
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teen different countries involved in the international peacekeeping security center in western ukraine. russia is denouncing the exercise even as rebels it is backing fight government troops in eastern ukraine despite a declared cease-fire. jon: defense secretary ash carter is in israel today to sit down with prime minister benjamin netanyahu there. his goal is to reassure the prime minister on the iranian nuclear deal and helping counter iranian support for militant group hezbollah. israel only the first stop on a visit to a handful of key allies. john huddy is keeping an eye on that live from jerusalem. john? >> reporter: jon secretary carter not only talked about israel defending its borders and lebanon, syria but defending itself against hezbollah but hamas in the gaza strip. we talked about that before. as for today's meeting what happens may be most telling
8:26 am
about it, jon is what has not been said about it. earlier today secretary carter and israeli prime minister netanyahu had a photo-op before the nearly two-hour meeting. we were expecting however a joint statement, press conference afterwards. that did not happen. so far we haven't really received any details about the substance of the meeting of the discussion. it is unclear why. i don't want to read too much into that. but i've been told it was a very tough meeting. prime minister netanyahu as we know has been very critical of the iran nuclear agreement calling it last week when it was announced, a quote unquote, stunning historic mistake. but secretary carter said the visit here was not to try to persuade israeli leaders to support it, okay, but rather to reaffirm the u.s.'s support and commitment to israel's security and defense. and that was the context of yesterday's meeting with israel's defense minister yalon.
8:27 am
they talked about israel's defense and secretary carter said that really friends can agree to disagree israel and the u.s. but the main objective, ultimate objective that has not been disagreed on, remains israel and the u.s. preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. okay? that again remains the main objective. between both. now i'm told prime minister netanyahu, jon, will be speaking shortly. he is hosting the italian prime minister and presumably he will discuss the meeting with secretary carter who after his visit here went on to jordan. he also will be going to saudi arabia to discuss the region's security issues and of course the iran nuclear agreement. jon back to you. jon: bet he gets an earful just about every stop. john huddy, thank you. jenna: middle of july so we can certainly expect hot weather but
8:28 am
millions across the broad section of the country facing a downright dangerous heat for a third straight day. we'll tell you where and when we expect it hopefully to be over. we'll take you live to columbus ohio, where the ohio state university where governor john kasich is expected to make announcement about his political future. he is early. we expected him five minutes from now. looks like the governor is running right on time. jon: punk alty is punctuality is not often a trait in the political world but john kasich seems to be the early bird. there is room for about 250000 people in this student union here at ohio state university. but it is packed to the gills. there is overflow crowd on out to the sidewalks. he will be number 16 which he announces for president. we expect him to do momentarily. let's listen to him. >> these are people who i
8:29 am
dedicated moo you life two. my sweet daughters emma and reese kasich. i remember when they were born. remember that sweetie? [laughter] i kept saying to the doctor, how is it going? he is trying to deliver two. and finally looks me square in the eye and said can you shut up i'm a little busy right now [laughter]. they came out and i could hold them in the palm of my hand. it was so sweet. and so, i along with karen have dedicated our lives to giving them a better life than we were able to ever get from our parents. and you know what? they're doing fantastic, emma and reese kasich. [applause] and my wife, pray for her.
8:30 am
she is married to me, okay? [laughter]. from the very tips of my toes to the top of my head, i just love my wife so much. such a great partner. [cheers and applause] and such a great lady. so i want to tell you it is this whole business of the american dream, isn't it, that we can all work to make sure that next generation is going to be in a position of greater strength than what we received. and i get my inspiration from the people who came before me. i want to tell you about a few of the ones that inspire me. i would like to start with my uncle steve. uncle steve was a tough guy, you know, the son of a coal miner, rough and gruff and tell it like it is. he found himself at iwo jima and
8:31 am
i looked around during that battle, and he saw a lot of people dying. uncle steve was not a church-going man but in the middle of all the violence and the blood and the death, he said to god if you will take me off this island, i will go to church every day for the rest of my life. and he did. and he did. and uncle steve -- [applause] when uncle steve came home from the war, the brothers all slept in the same room. they didn't have a lot. and uncle george told me would have nightmares and he would speak in japanese. and he told his brothers never wake me. never wake me from that
8:32 am
nightmare because i don't know what will happen. let me sleep and wake up on my own. and uncle george, he is here today he is right over here. he is 89 years old. [applause] i so love my uncle george. he is the patriarch of our family. well, uncle george was in the infantry and he was scheduled to take a boat from england to belgium but the division he was in couldn't all fit in the poet. so they asked uncle george to wait until the next day. well that boat left england, on its way to belgium and a submarine launched a torpedo and
8:33 am
sunk that boat and everyone on it perished. the next day uncle george took another boat and he landed in france. and he fought with great honor and he returned home and became a guidance counselor and guided young people for the next 38 years of his life. what a man! [applause] you know my father-in-law, we call him pops my grandfather, joined marines at the age of 17. wanted to serve his country but i guess most important, my mom and dad. you know mom was, she was a visionary. didn't get the education. you know her mother could barely speak english but, boy, was she
8:34 am
smart. and if you think i have opinions you never met my mom. [laughing] and my father was the mailman. they called him john the mailman and when we laid my mother and father to rest there were countless numbers of people who came and said, john the mailman, he watched out for all of us. and they gave up so much didn't take, i wish they would have spent more on themselves but no matter what you told them they weren't going to do it because it was all about the next generation. and they're the ones that have inspired me. and all of you here today, you are the same way, aren't you? you have got those people who did so much for you who are your heroes. they don't have to be famous. they're just people you love and that you admire. that american dream that is pivotal for the future of our country but i have to tell you
8:35 am
there are a lot of people in america today who are not sure that that american dream is possible. that that american dream is alive. and i can understand their concerns. you know when i was a kid you went out and you got a job and you worked at that job your entire lifetime. you got your health care you got your retirement and everything was good. today, you could be a 51-year-old man and one day after serving and doing everything the right way, somebody walks into your office, says, i'm sorry, but we don't need you anymore. can you imagine that conversation? could you imagine that dad when he is driving home or that mom when she is driving home, they lose confidence. they wonder what their future is. can they get another job? can they support their family? will anybody be there to help
8:36 am
them? or how about moms and dads today? they send their kids to college. many of these young people ringing up massive amounts of debt trying to get an education. and they're living in the at tick and -- attic and mom and dad are wondering, will they get a job? will they pay their bills? what kind of future are they going to have? or at the same time we can also think about what all of us fear greatly and that is the problems of bad health. can i afford those expensive drugs that i need to survive? what is it going to cost me to get treatment not just for myself but one of the loved ones in my family? will i be bankrupt? will i lose everything i have, everything i worked for?
8:37 am
it is a real fire. the tsunami of drugs. it is a fear, isn't it? kids that are here many of them don't do drugs, don't put that big thousand pound pack on your back and stop you from your god-given purpose. some are worried that those drugs wash away our neighborhoods and wash away our children. how about those that struggle to make ends meet? there are some people say just work harder or pull yourself up by your bootstraps. i believe in all that. some people just don't have the fortune that many of us have and they struggle. they struggle for a whole lifetime and they worry, can they rise? can they pull the rest of their family members up the ladder? the promise of america and they
8:38 am
worry about it. or how about if you're a member of the minority community, an african-american. you wonder, the system i think sometimes doesn't just work for me but sometimes i feel like that system works against me. you think about the troubles that many of our african-americans still face today in the world where we have worked to provide equal rights and opportunities. sometimes they're not so sure. and i don't blame them. or how about all of us? we pick up the paper. it is chattanooga. it is fort hood. it is highs sis. are we safe? are we going to be safe to go to the mall? are we safe to leave our homes? these are the worries that many
8:39 am
americans have. but i have to tell you is, as serious as these are and they are very serious, we've had a lot worse, much worse in this country. think about it. the civil war. you remember reading about it? it is not just neighbors fighting against neighbors. but it was even family members kin fighting against one another and killing one another on a battlefield right in america. how about the racial violence that we experienced in this country? the early days of when they put the dogs and the gas and the batons on people of another color. or the world wars where many in our families never came home. leaving widows and children without a dad. or the depression, the
8:40 am
depression, ask your grandfather ask your mom and dad about that depression. my father used to say he would go down to the store to get some food for the family and the guy would say we'll put it on your bill. there was no bill. that's what it took for america to get through the depression. and you all remember that crystal-clear morning and the horror we felt on 9/11. but guess what? we've always got through it. because the testing is what makes you stronger. it is the challenges that make you better. i have lived through them and i have become stronger for them and america has become stronger for them. and here's how we've done it. by staying together. not by dividing each other but
8:41 am
by staying together with our eyes on the horizon. with our eyes on the horizon about the future! [cheers and applause] we have a little town in ohio called wilmington. they followed that formula. let me tell you about these folks. they played by the rules. worked every day. highly productive, team work and one day an employer said, we're leaving. we're out of here. and thousands of people, thousands of hard-working god-fearing people like your neighbors went from getting a paycheck on a friday afternoon
8:42 am
to visiting a food pantry so they could feed their kids. i was down there in 2010 after this earthquake economic earthquake hit wilmington. we had a campaign bus. my wife was with me. we walked through that food pantry. we looked at people and preachers and civil servants and leaders and caregivers. they were at the food pantry but they hadn't lost any hope because they had their eyes on the horizon. we got back on that bus. i will never forget it as long as i live. we got back on that bus i said, folks, do you understand some of them had been with me for a long time, so they got it but some of the others were rookies. i said do you understand what we are doing here? this isn't a political campaign. and by the way neither will this
8:43 am
be. this is not a political campaign. did you see those people? did you sigh the tears in their eyes? did you see them hugging their children, not hopeless. we'll join in and help them. it is our missions as human beings as children of god, to work with them and lift them and guess what? guess what? [applause] in wilmington today the sun is coming up. i told them that the sun would come up again. it hasn't reached its zenith but the sun is rising and the sun is going to rise to the zenith in america again. i promise you, it will happen.
8:44 am
[applause] listen you know who does this? see, it's you and me. see, it's teachers and preachers and moms and dads and doctors. construction workers. like that sweet than in brown county saw his family washed away over the weekend. keep him in your prayers. police and firemen and people like my dad the mailman john the mailman because we're the glue, we are the glue that holds our country together. as for me, look i'm just trying to do my best okay?
8:45 am
i came here to ohio state. i found myself on the 19th floor of one of those towers. you could hit it with a stone from here. i had 15 roommates. the place was 23 floors high. the tower next door the same size. ohio state can be a pretty intimidating place, okay? it is big, it is a big place and i left my dorm room went down to the first floor and i walked just right down the path to ohio stadium. it was a time when you could actually walk in that stadium. they didn't have that one end closed in. i walked into that stadium i swear this happened and i walked right to the 50-yard line. there was no one in the stadium that day. and i looked around all of those seats those big structures that were there and i
8:46 am
thought to myself, either this place is going to take me down or i'm going to take it down one way or the other. either it was going to beat me -- [applause] you know, either it was going to beat me or it was going to be a place, kids, because you will face it some day, to help me move forward. you know what's amazing? i'm back here today. you could throw a stone and hit that stadium, or you could hit that dormitory so many years later and guess what? i am here to ask you for your prayers for your support, for your efforts because i have decided to run for president of the united states! [cheers and applause]
8:47 am
>> let's go, john. >> you know they ask you all the time like, it is a trick question or something, you know why do you want to do this? i mean it's like, they're going to catch you, right? if you can't answer that question you ought to be back at the 50-yard line at ohio stadium wondering about your future. because, first of all, we're not
8:48 am
born to serve, others think about this. i want you to think about this. if we're not born to serve others what were we born to do? i do this for my family of course for my sweet family. for my neighbors, molly. for my friends of many, many, many years, many of whom are working with me today, 30, 40 years later. i really do it for everyone. and i have to humbly tell you and i mean humbly tell you, that i believe i do have the skills. and i have the experience. [cheers and applause] i have the experience and the
8:49 am
testing, the testing, which shapes you and prepares you for the most important job in the world and i believe i know and i work to hip restore this great united states and i have to tell you it's a daunting challenge. i was just at wendy's on saturday up here on hudson avenue and two wonderful african-american fellows were there and i walked in, i was standing behind them. one said to the other one, i don't know, if i believe what i'm seeing that is governor kasich standing behind me. and they said, you better run. do you know what that meant to me? two african-american guys, one with a knee, brace on his nye and another one with a cain -- knee. people can have a lot more money than i am. they looked at me, said you got statistics you got statistics.
8:50 am
so some are going to ask, as they always have why do you think you can do this. you know all of my life people have told me you can't do something, okay? why? because i do believe in the power of very big ideas, big, bold ideas. in 1976 i went eut to the convention in kansas city and not only worked for ronald reagan, but i worked with ronald reagan and i got to travel with ronald reagan. [applause] yeah i actually knew the guy, okay? the real guy. not from the history book. he lost at that convention. i had been managing i think five states for him at that
8:51 am
convention. you talk about lightning striking me. i was 24 years old. i walked in. they were one man short and could you manage five states for the governor? i had no idea what i was saying. i said of course i could. i had no idea about it. he lost, as you know. around i was there when he met with his closest advisors. and he said, we've lot the battle. we haven't lost any war because we'll all be back. and i'm going to fix america wall of your help. and of course he did and it further cemented my notion that big ideas, big ideas change the world. big ideas change the world! [applause] so i came back, i came back here to ohio and i was all charged up. i was working as an aide.
8:52 am
i came back and remember meeting with one of my buddies, i said i think i will run for the state senate and beat that guy we've been watching. i remember he was drinking something and it fell on the floor when i told him that. look, i was 24 1/2 years old. i had no relatives that lived in the state. i didn't really know anybody. but i had a big idea. and you know what we did? we went out and we got moms and dads. a lot of moms, who went door-to-door and rang doorbells, and weekend before the election one of the local newspapers said he is fine young man but he has no chance to win. well, i won that election with the help of the army of volunteers. i went on to chair the health committee where i learned to work across the aisle because the house was run by democrats and that is where i learned that policy is far more important
8:53 am
than politics, ideology or any of the other nonsense we see. [cheers and applause] you know, they said it couldn't be done. we proved them wrong. and then at the ripe old age of 30 i decided i'm going to run for congress. my mother and father were like john any, what are you doing now? okay? well, they said i couldn't win. i was too young. and by the way i was going to run against an incumbent, in 1982 like the worst year. we lost 26 republican seats. i was running against a guy who got one of his degrees from harvard. i knew i had an edge. he clearly couldn't have gotten into ohio state. i knew i had an edge.
8:54 am
[applause] and in 1982 i was only republican in america to defeat a incumbent democrat all across this country. and -- guess what? [applause] here is the irony. i got to go to washington and work with president ronald reagan. you know? they said they said it couldn't be done. we proved them wrong again. and then i got down to the washington and got on the armed services committee where i served for 18 years on national security and i was there just the blink of an eye, i discovered these hammers and screwdrivers had cost thousands of dollars. and it was taking the resources from the people that needed it who were serving in the military. we were wasting money and i said we need to clean this up. and they're like, come on.
8:55 am
it is the pentagon. you can't, forget about it. it can't happen. well, we passed some legislation. and we made things right. we saved money. we improved the system. and we helped the military. they said it couldn't be done. and we proved them wrong again. [applause] let me be clear. our military must be improved. we need to, we need to we need to cut the bureaucracy and we need to strengthen our services. now i'm a person i'm a person that doesn't like to spend a lot of money but in this case, national security, climates to the very top of the heap because
8:56 am
we must be strong and we must assume our role as leaders of the world. [applause] so six years after i got to congress i got on the budget committee. and i remember going to those first few meetings, bob. it was terrible. i was complaining. i was a gas station in westerville, these people don't want to do anything. some guy walked around the pump and looked me in the eye things are so bad, what are you going to do about it? i met with my staff, six of them, we should write a budget for the united states of america. there are 100 people in the white house and 50 up here and we don't have six. i know we're overstaffedded. if we stay out of our way we will get this done. we wrote a budget for united states of america.
8:57 am
why? they know me about the as budget guy. it is not about numbers about. it is about vision and values. we do not have the right as grown-ups to ring up debts to suit ourselves and pass them on to the next generation. we don't have that right. [applause] 10 years of my life i worked at this. my first budget was 405-30. i had the 30. my staff was depressed. i thought we were doing pretty well. that is how i was. we kept at it and kept at it. and kept at it. and you heard my great friend john sununu. by the way, he is a wonderful wonderful man. if john sununu had not come to me that he would help me in new hampshireone this. he is remarkable. we did it together. the politicians didn't care about it. they didn't care about anything about being reelected.
8:58 am
they cared about fixing america, pat. they cared about getting the budget balanced and getting economy going. you know what? they said it couldn't be done. it was too big, too hard too much politics. we proved them wrong again and we balanced that federal budget. we balanced it. [applause] you want job creation? you balance the books. am i right? you balance the books. and if i'm president, or maybe i should say, when i am president -- [cheers and applause] okay? i will promise you, i will problem is you that my top priority will get this country on a path to fiscal independence, strength and we will rebuild the economy of this
8:59 am
country because creating jobs is our highest moral purpose and we will move to get that done. [applause] by the way how about a little balanced budget amendment to the constitution so congress will start doing its job? [applause] so i left washington. and had a great time. you you know, i was worked at lehman brothers and learned about businesses and i went to fox news where as you know i was a giant television star. and i had a great time but you know, i had a calling. it was like, here is kind of how it went. didn't hear anything but it was clear to me you have an amazing life. you have a lot of skills. you're going back.
9:00 am
you're going back. and i sensed it when i was on a trip and came back and called my friends together i said i guess we got to do this they, a lot of people, the doubters, you hadn't been in politics for 10 years a decade. you haven't run statewide. we haven't defeated incull bent in 36 years in ohio. incumbents don't lose. we put together a vision. we put together a team. they said it couldn't be done and we proved them wrong again. [cheers and applause] the then we took over the reins. but you know we didn't go unprepared. we knew what we wanted to do because i'm going to tell you. i'm president. i know what we need to do, okay? there is no confusion about that i know what needs to be done. i have been there at all levels, okay? we c


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